Build thread – planer cart

Today I’ll be building a planer cart, and if it goes well, the left side of my cabinet wall. I’ve got two hours to try and get all my cuts and construction done, so I can’t guarantee how well this will work. But follow along and check in now and again to see the progress.
3:55pm – I purchased two sheets of Shop VC Birch and I just printed out my cutting diagram. Outside we go.
5:16p – all pieces cut for both projects. Now to change to the dado, run those and see about some assembly.

11:52 – well, it was a good effort. I’m just too pressed for time usually to do stuff like this.

The pieces are all cut for the planer cart and the left side of the cabinet. The dado stack was installed and the dados complete for the cart. I was in the process of drilling the holes to assemble the cart when I was called away for family business.

The nice thing is I will be able to have it assembled in very short order. I may have to run dados on the top and bottom pieces of the cart, but that’s a quick process.

Have something else to share, but I’ll wait until at least the cart is done.

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