Busy Child

Another Crystal Method inspired post.

A bit more time in the shop today, a bit more on the path back to normalcy. All the floor stuff is back home, save for my old hardware cabinet. That went very quickly, and save for popping a hole in my Steelers T-shirt, went well. The big task is to get everything back up on the wall.

Because the chaos wall moved slightly, I had to move my clamp racks, and that set a domino sequence of moves. Still in the process of finding homes for everything. I put the chisels back up, and ended up moving the TV to a temporary home on the window. At least I won’t have wifi troubles for a few days. The Woodpecker rulers moved under the chisels so I can get to them easier. Everything else is pending a location.

Having the drill press up against a wall again is very nice. Have to see how well it works, but it looks promising. I anticipate being back to where I was by this weekend, which will help get the next phase of the LEGOrganization get back on schedule.

Spending an hour or two in the shop today really helped me put a rough work day behind me. I will have to remember that for the next time I need a mental break.

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