Calm before the storm

Atlanta is on lockdown.

We had some snow this morning, but we are waiting on the big event tonight – ice. For anyone with above-ground power and tall trees, ice is a scary scenario, snow trucks or not. 1/4″ of ice will bring down power lines, there is some forecast for nearly an inch. Not a good scenario, and needless to say my woodworking activities are going to be curtailed. Hopefully I won’t be cutting up limbs.

As I sit here sipping on a nice Kolsch from North Carolina, I’m reflecting back on my weekend activities. I think I said I got to try out the Domino in a real-world scenario. A common setup I’ve seen is having a boom arm for the vac hose, as when I used it the first time I kept having to step over it. I rigged up a temporary solution with the eye bolts in my ceiling and a spare hose clamp. It made me realize that I need that sort of setup going forward. For the Domino, for any sanders Festool or not, and any hand tool that generates dust and has a dust port. I am starting to get spoiled by being relatively dust-free, and I don’t see myself changing that. Even with the jigsaw or the multi-function tool, not using a plug-it cord (fantastic invention there, too), I’ll want the hose. Nothing to say about a router, which produces an enormous amount of dust. So the challenge going forward in the layout is to have dust collection at the ready, from above. Complicating matters a bit is my separator, and the fact that if I want the cord to be nice and neatly attached to the hose I need the power supply right at the separator as well. So, design complications.

I still haven’t settled 100% on the layout at all. I’m going back and forth with what I want to do, but I haven’t decided to write about it because who knows if my mind will change. It’s very distressing. It’s weighing on me. While I’ve gained a bit more room clearing up, I still feel the space isn’t doing what it should. I’d love a quarter wall of systainer storage, but can’t see it happening. I’d love an MFT. Probably not happening.

I will continue to dream and stress about it for the foreseeable future.

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