Calm before the storm

I was considering jumping into the cabinet project with both feet today, but I’ve decided to wait a week or three until funds come back up and I can buy all my materials in one shot. This will help make sure the top of the cabinet is nice and level by making the same cuts at once.

The other reason is that I’d be making a huge mess if I attempted to do this right now. I still have stuff scattered everywhere, especially from the two wall sections that were replaced. Notably, the saw blade caddies, the light holder and a few other things needed to find a home to start the project, at least temporarily. I temporarily mounted the saw blade holders near the miter saw to get them out of the way. I put the light holder up behind the bandsaw, which seems like a really great spot. When that wall section gets replaced, it will stay there.

I also disassembled the battery/charger station, as the addition of the Ryobi Supercharger really eliminated the need to store all those batteries. The waste was disposed of, and the battery charger may still have a use in the shop. The Supercharger can store six batteries, but can only charge one at a time. Having a spare charger or two (I have four total right now) can really speed up getting everything charged back up.

Otherwise, there’s not much to talk about right now. I’ve got the plan mapped out for the cabinets, and two sheets will do the entire right-hand portion of it (from the planer to the miter saw), and I think just one more sheet would take care of the rest. Once the cabinet bodies get sorted out, then it’s time to start saving up for a few sheets of 1/2″ plywood for the drawers, any shelves I might make and the tool cubbies that will go somewhere on that wall. I’d really like to work on the air compressor garage, but I’m currently stymied by too much scrap and a slight uncertainty about if my wall scrap storage will switch walls.

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