I said in a previous post that I would be making some changes, but it turns out that it will be much more extensive than I had anticipated.

The first part of this process is to look at the things that don’t have a place and find them a home so they aren’t sitting out all the time. I have a bit of a problem with scrap wood and small tools. If I can finish the drawers on the miter cabinet, that will accomplish the later. The former will be just using some scrap wood wherever possible.

I also like to use Sketchup to figure out a long term plan and to see where things need to go to best facilitate workflow and not have to constantly move things to get to other things.

A major goal in this process is to determine if I have enough room for a real dust collector. The shop vac and separator has reached it’s limits and a better solution must be obtained. More airflow is needed to contain the chips in the planer and the jointer. Also, the dust at the miter station has become intolerable.

Tomorrow I will share the pictures of my Sketchup progress as I think I’ve pretty much finalized where most everything will go. Part of those plans called for scrapping the sander stand I just made, but it needed to be done if I want a more efficient shop. I will be storing the sander on a low mobile cart underneath an extension of the counter. It will be very low, but sitting down for the sanding process might be a decent idea. The cart itself was constructed today, just needing casters to be called finished.

I also mocked up plans for storing the handheld routers and bases above where the router table will nest, I may be able to start on that tomorrow. But at least I finally attached the alternate Milescraft/Craftsman base on one of the extra bases. This will be great for edge routing and circle routing. Template routing might also become easier.

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