Cleaning time

I don’t know if I’ll get any progress on the table done today, but my shop was in serious need of a straightening. I couldn’t logically progress on the project until I put some things away and made a bit more room. Something I still haven’t quite tackled yet is what to do with my copious amounts of plywood. I wish I had gotten rid of it all when I had the chance, but I was always thinking I’d do something with it. It is taking up valuable room that I’d rather have for my systainers or more room to walk in the door. I might try to go out a bit later and see if I can put any of it up in the rafters. I don’t want to bring the building down though.

I’ll have to make an investment in a Domino systainer soon, and I think I’ll eventually have two on hand – one for mahogany and one for beech/birch. If all goes well I will be making more of these tables and possibly some other things for outdoors. The only thing is I will need to find some room to store them when they pile up.

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