Clearing more air

The air cleaner was the first step in getting a better handle on the dust. It’s working well, I think, but it’s so hard to tell with all the dust that gets generated by the major tools in the shop. So, the natural companion to buying the air cleaner is upgrading my dust collection.

I’ve long wondered if I could fit the HF dust collector in my shop in some form or another, but space restrictions have said no. Now, after seeing a modification on YouTube, I think I might be able to fit it in.

It’s a modification that makes it work similarly to much more expensive models. I don’t know if I’ll incorporate the Dust Deputy or my own Thien baffle, but it’s early in this decision process. I’ll also have to consider how to route a couple of 4″ lines for the table saw and miter saw.

This will be important in the remaining time in this shop and the next one. I don’t think I need more than 4″ duct for my limited needs here or there, and figuring out how it just might work will benefit detail planning of the new shop – orientation of the ceiling joists, etc. I should be able to put the DC in the ceiling of the new shop, but what if I can’t? What if a gambrel roof doesn’t work? I certainly hope it does, but I need to be prepared to go with alternatives. What I do in this shop could translate to the interior or exterior of the new shop. I could certainly build a little nook on the outside to house a dust collector and even a vertical air compressor.

I just hope it doesn’t constantly trip breakers. We’ll see. Just more things to think about in planning and cleaning.

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