Clearing the air

One of the last big improvements to the current shop I planned to make was to try and improve my dust collection issue. There’s two parts to this, one is upgrading the actual dust collection. The other is addressing air filtration, which is what I pulled the trigger on a week ago. I ordered an inexpensive Wen unit off of Amazon and it came a few days ago.

The unit came basically ready to use out of the box, I only had to swap four screw bolts on the top for hooks and through nuts. That’s it. The hard part was trying to hang it from my roof joists and getting it to hang level. Thankfully it is a pretty light unit.

It is also a quiet unit. I could easily have a conversation with someone, if that someone could squeeze into my shop, on the low setting. It comes with an about six foot three-prong cord. I need to look closer at the amp rating to see if it needs the heavier gauge extension cord, but for now I have it hooked up to it. I figure after I make a series of cuts I’ll turn it on and run it for 15 minutes or more to try and cycle the air.

I found a spot for it above my MFT and drill press, really one of the only options I had. It will be interesting to see where I would put it in a new shop, because I plan to close up the ceiling for storage. Might have to size at least one joist wide enough for it to fit sideways.

I’ll be cleaning the shop thoroughly for dust over the next few weeks, and be running the cleaner after operations to see if it makes a difference in how much accumulates on surfaces. I’m sure my lungs will appreciate it though.

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