I wish I was here telling you I was back in the woodworking game. I’m sure even some boring updates about how I’ve been daydreaming about the shop might be nice to read. I’ve not thought a whole lot about my shop at all over the last month. I’ve stepped foot in it three times, for a grand total of about two minutes. I noticed a few carpenter ants caught in some cobwebs yesterday, as I was retrieving my Kreg face clamp (to open a sewer pipe, of all things).

Except for last summer, summers have historically been pretty light on work out in the shop. With no AC, I don’t like to sweat all over everything (this is a real concern, actually). Even so, I usually sit inside while I work and daydream about the next project, the next tool. Not this summer. Perhaps not next summer, either.

I made the decision in late 2013 or so that I wanted to go back to school. I dropped out in 2002 (or rather kicked out, as the case may be – I just happened to agree) when I was rather aimless and wasn’t trying all that hard in pretty much all aspects of my life. It was a rough period, and after four years of college it didn’t look like I’d ever see the finish line. I obtained a bunch of credits but no paper. So, after a few more years of things I’d rather not delve too deeply into, I decided to go back and find a career. I was tired of customer service/retail work, so I took a three semester course in medical coding. Turned out I was pretty adept at it. Savant-like, actually. That certificate course has turned into multiple certifications and a really nice career to this point. But I knew I wanted a piece of paper that I could hang on the wall and be proud of, but not necessarily validate me. I knew that it would be something that I would need going forward, though. So I enrolled back in school in Fall of 2014.

I wouldn’t say classes were easy the first two semesters, but I had plenty of spare time. With a compressed Summer semester, and an industry change approaching this October, I knew my time out in the shop would be pretty limited, and it’s been even more than I imagined. I’m taking three classes, and 4-6 tests plus the same number of (school) projects per week has been the norm. It has been pretty brutal, actually. I’m just hoping to survive this semester. As such, I’m mostly confined to my desk in my house, staring at computer screens or books.

I haven’t had two brain cells to devote to thinking about the shop at all. It became apparent pretty quickly that a new shop isn’t going to happen this year or next, and perhaps not at all. So, money that I had been saving up for that went to other things. I bought some new video games that I can take a few minutes break from work or school and rest my brain. Ten to twenty minute intervals that are too short to go outside. It actually does seem to help.

The next project up is the DVD storage, if I can ever will myself to get the melamine from the store. Not having a truck is a real pain. Other than that, I don’t really think about my shop these days. No rearranging, no next tool decisions, nothing. I turned the lights on yesterday just to get all the cordless batteries charged.

So, what does that mean for this site? Well, it means that updates for the rest of this summer and potentially this year may be slim. I do still want to create stuff, but it’s a matter of being able to. I think in the meantime, in order to keep my creative and writing juices going, I’m going to pick the effort back up on the sister site. I know not everyone enjoys non-woodworking content, so I separated it out some time back. The link is up top if you’re interested, and if not, just keep an eye out here for future content. Over there I am wide open on topics, but I usually will keep political commentary to myself.

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