Comin’ Back

I used this title as an excuse to share one of my favorite artists.

However, I am coming back by a bit. I got about thirty minutes this afternoon following work to put the shop back right. Not a lot of time, but it was a decent start. I quickly surveyed the shop to make sure I couldn’t salvage my mistake, and when I realized I couldn’t, started the recovery process. It looks like having the drill press near the chaos wall might work, so my first step was to push the back wall to the right while I moved the drill press in the left corner. Then I emptied the lower portion of the chaos wall and got it nearly back to where it was – same corner, adjacent wall. Hopefully this will work.

I got it filled back about halfway with the systainers before it was time to go. I didn’t break anything today, so that was nice. No precarious situations, either. The next step will be to see if I can get the workbench back in the corner without having to fold up the MFT. Probably not. Room is pretty tight right now with the top of the chaos wall detached.

If this all works out, it will be great. If not, I’ll move the drill press back to where it was two days ago and I’ll be no worse for wear. Something I did a week or two ago that I think got lost in the shuffle was that I finally addressed the router table top. I haven’t replaced it yet, but I did put a roundover on the top edge and it is a huge improvement.

When the world is put back straight I will probably have to adjust some of the wall storage to match. I don’t anticipate anything too drastic though.

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