Controlled descent?

There’s not been much controlled about it, to be frank. The Slippery Slope. It’s pretty much a cliff, as far as I can see. The world of hand tools has sucked another unfortunate victim into its dark world.

I’ve set myself up a tool budget again, and it quite nicely lines up with my trips into Atlanta. Last time around I picked up a saw and set of six Narex chisels from Highland. Today I went back for more chisels. The set I bought two weeks ago included the 6, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 26mm chisels. I added the 3, 8 and 18mm chisels from the same series, and a 6mm mortise chisel. I chose the mortise chisel as a way for me to get acclimated to how tall they were to plan in my tool cabinet. I was not expecting, however, for them (or at least this one) to be oriented differently. As you can see, the chisel orientation is 90º different from the bench chisels, making them in effect fatter. This will make my construction of the rack for those a little different, but I’ll get to that when I get to that. I’m having to change my plans for timing of the tool cabinet, and my next post will explain that further.

Apologies for the flash, we had storms and clouds today.


In their included guards. They’ll stay this way until I need them or the cabinet is done. Nice comfy drawer for them to sit in.


This pic best illustrates the difference in length. Not a huge deal, but glad I know.


And here’s the difference in height of the handle. It’s the same handle, just rotated 90º.


I’m hoping to pick up new chisels every two weeks until I complete both sets. After that I’ll be adding another saw, then I’ll be focusing more on accurate measuring. In respect to that, I played around with a square I bought from HD and got it extremely close to dead on. May try to get it that last 1/32″, but I’m not sure I can even cut that accurately.

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