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I am really hurting at this point, and will be visiting the doctor on Monday. Even so, I was able to get about an hour in the shop between work and family responsibilities this afternoon.

I stopped by Home Depot on my lunch break and bought a sheet of fairly cheap sanded pine 3/4″ ply and a sheet of 1/8″ hardboard. I had the employee there cut each into three pieces: a crosscut at around 60″, and then rip cutting that large piece at around 30″. I used the small rip piece as a bottom layer in back, and filled in with other scrap up front. Then that bigger piece got laid down on top, and the bigger hardboard piece on top of that. I had to do some trimming to get it to fit, and the cuts weren’t exactly perfect, but they’ll work.

The two layers of ply right now are minimally secured, but the hardboard is not. I’ll need to get things trimmed up with the track saw and the router. The jigsaw might come into play as well. I get that done and the miter saw can be dropped into position.

Not sure what else I’ll get done this weekend, but standing and shuffling around the shop isn’t that painful. It’s the actual walking that is killing me at this point. If I had a goal for this weekend, it would be to get the top done, secured, and the miter saw in place.

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