Oh no, the puns aren’t done yet.

I pushed myself very hard Saturday, with the knowledge I might be shut down for awhile starting Monday. I woke up this morning feeling awful. Some of that is my foot, some of that is the allergies, some of that was the liquid painkiller I partook in last night. I may or my not get out to the shop today, but if I don’t I feel good about where I stopped.

The new counter was installed and the old chaos wall upper portion went on top for storage. Saturday morning I spent the time before soccer adjusting the height of the miter saw. I removed the saw from the stand, dropped it the amount I thought I needed, then reattached it to the wall and checked the height. Still about 1/2″ too tall. Dang. So I used the four mounting points for the saw platform to bring it down. These are carriage bolts with two lock nuts and a wing nut  that attach to the stand base. By making the lower nut travel up the bolt, I was able to lower the saw deck to just the right height.

Before I reinstalled the miter saw I needed to trim up the edge of the counter on the short side, and cut out clearance for the saw to hit 45° to the right. Thinking about it now, I neglected to account for the 50° setting, or a beveled cut. The first isn’t that big of a deal, but I’ll need to consider a wider clearance. I used the jigsaw to cut a notch and it worked perfectly. Right on the line, a super clean cut. I used the router and a hand saw to get it nice and straight before that. The miter saw was reinstalled.

It was now the turn of the front edge. I used the track saw to cut the majority off, and finished with the router and a flush trim bit. Again had to use the hand saw to finish the cut right at the wall, but it worked well. Except for locking down the hardboard with screws, and trimming the front edge, the counter on this side is pretty much done. Have to decide if I will use a t-track for a stop block or I’ll just use an inlaid tape and clamp stops down.

Now, up to this point I was using the top of the chaos wall for storage and moving the lower portion in and out of the shop to make room. It was time to reverse that. I disassembled the lower portion in stages, and proceeded to modify it. I cut the sides down to 41″, and made new horizontal sections at 18.5″ to allow the Fastenal boxes to fit. I did a permanent shelf right at the top, and the bottom one is about 3.5″ from the bottom. Just the right height for one of those boxes. Another can sit on that permanent shelf and the rest of the shelves can be adjustable. I had thought about 42″ for the height (had measured 43″ to the rafters), but I’m glad I did 41″.

This portion was written before I did work in the shop today, and what follows are the results.

I took some more powerful ibuprofen and my foot started feeling significantly better. So much so that while I am not canceling my appointment on Monday, I should avoid an extended downtime. So when I started today, I relocated my miter saw vac to behind the single systainer cabinet, above the HCM. It works okay here, but I need to route the hose a little better. It’s very quiet here, which is awesome. It will be even quieter when I make more systainer drawers.

Next it was time to pull some scrap and make more shelves. Really easy on the table saw, particularly when things are nice and clean. It wouldn’t be a 144 project without screwing something up, so I cut one shelf too short. I got a bit more organized, but I still have some work to do. I installed the other complete systainer drawer I have, but unfortunately I have misplaced by Kreg bit and can’t make any more at the moment. I could, but I don’t really want to in a different manner.

I reinstalled the power strip on a ceiling joist, really the best place I could think of. It works okay, but not fantastic. Unless I come up with something better, it will stay.  I reinstalled the bottom shelf supports on the wall rack and am using that for plywood at the moment. If I have to use one, so be it. It cleans up the mess of scrap I have for now.

A decent amount of stuff got put away on the shelves, at least temporarily – fine-tuning might still have to take place. I made a little place for my Incra rules to sit, which is a really simple but appreciated thing. I feel like I did so much more than what I wrote for Sunday, but it’s all hard to quantify. A lot of moving things around to fit well. My BIL brought over the new Fastenal box Saturday, and I’ve yet to even start on it. Emptying the bench drawers is still a bit off.

By the end of the day, most of the shop is in better shape than it has ever been. A bit more work to do, but I feel like I have a reasonably organized shop for perhaps the first time. Tons of storage available, and plenty if I make some harder choices. I loved my shop time this weekend.

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