Crooked steps

I was able to work a bit on a house project today that has been a long time in the making – screens for my windows. I had a great surface to do it on with the router table. Unfortunately I also had to move a lot of crap out of the way to do it. The screens were a mixed bag, but it allowed me clearly to see the problem areas that need to be addressed next.

My surfaces need to be cleared. I have battery chargers, some of the lesser-used tools, plywood and router parts and accessories cluttering the table saw, router table and workbench. The way forward is finding homes for all of these things. The battery chargers obviously have a home on a wall near a power source – the same power source in fact that runs the vacuum and eventually the lights as well. All of those can run on the same circuit with not much problem. There is unfortunately a bit of work that has to be done to get to that point. I need to remount the lights in a different configuration, something I was hoping to do after I took the ceiling down. I also need to make a space somewhere reachable for the chargers.

The router things need drawers made in the router table, obviously. 1/2″ or 3/4″ ply and some patience is all I need for that, but the funds just aren’t there to embark on that project on this paycheck. An unscheduled set of tires found it’s way into the mix and threw a bunch of things off. I might have enough spare that I could make one drawer – could get a couple of things out of the way. Same sort of concept for the third drawer under the miter saw. I probably only have enough for one or the other. There’s some scrap plywood I just need to dispose of. The Grriper needs to be hung back up, sanding belts and other spare parts need a home. Those are some minor little things short term.

There are some other bigger problems that need addressing as well. I need to sell the old planer, it’s purely in the way at this point. I don’t know if I’d make any money, but I’d just as much like the room as anything else. I have two of the old MSS drawers filled with scrap wood hidden away behind the jointer. Not in the way right now, but I’d like to pare it down as I can. The bin with house-related items needs to go under the house, the dust collection hardware bin needs to be gone through and pare down what I don’t need.

I am currently brainstorming long-term storage needs for a few things. I’d like to make a home for my handheld sanders plus all the paper. I have several small cases of drill driver bits and such – putting them in a bigger container might be nice. I need a shelf or a cubby to put my wheel grinders on, but for right now they are under the workbench. Perhaps a drawer cabinet under the left side would be a good spot? The future turning stand is a great spot. That is a project that needs to be completed as well. My Craftsman tool chest could use a home as well, and again the left side under the bench might be a practical spot.

On the plus side, I should be clearing out all the refuse from my yard this weekend thanks to use of a big dumpster. I may get ambitious and do a bit more demolition while I have the chance, but the big priority is getting the yard to look less like a Samford lives here.

As promised, I took some pictures a couple of days ago demonstrating the basic current shop setup.








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