Dare to dream

After struggling with my shop layout for so long, I decided to query the fine people at Wood Talk. I got some really good ideas. I don’t know if anyone suggested this sort of layout, but it arose from my brain being stimulated, so credit still goes to them. I don’t know if it will work, but it seems very promising. There’s only two questions to answer.

With this, I move the table saw over to the left wall, some place it’s never been before. The key issue with doing this is that it is almost impossible to bring out when needed, due to the stand. I then had an idea – what if it was possible to remove the saw, turn it around, and put it back on the stand? Knowing me, it won’t work. The bolt holes won’t be symmetrical. However, even if it doesn’t work to turn the saw around, I can still fold the saw up because the right side of the saw is where the handles are. I suppose the other solution there is to use mover’s discs to slide it. This can be done. Having access to the right side will allow me to put in a bigger router table in the saw itself, possibly eliminating my need for a standalone unit. We’ll see, but I’m not getting rid of my router table any time soon.

The lathe is moved over to the left side of the shop as well. This puts it under the rack, but I’m hoping there aren’t any issues with that, as the lathe is forward on the stand. I’ll have a little walkway to access the storage on the lathe stand and to turn. When I need to bring things to the middle of the shop, though, I can push the MFT up against the lathe and gain room. The MFT works best like this because I have to remove the crossrail to use the table saw in the other position.

The workbench stays where it is, but gains some storage below. Not a ton, as I still have to keep room for the holdfasts to work. If there’s room, the jointer moves to the end of the bench and the drill press stays put. That’s a huge question mark, and one I hope to answer this weekend. The right side of the shop gets the miter saw, this time on a stand that straddles the router table. The bandsaw gets put in the corner, since I hardly use it. The planer cart slides right up against, ready for use without much fuss. When the cart is redone (unmake the flipper), the planer will be shifted to one side of it to provide clearance for the outfeed table to always be down.

The space between the miter saw and the drill press, hopefully, will be enough room for systainers in cabinets and drawers, with the top serving as a repeat/infeed surface for the miter saw. This is what I’ve been waiting for a year. It feels like a dream, I can’t help but thinking there’s some unanticipated thing looming over it. I do have to find a spot for the compressor, I am aware of that. I might have a plan for it even as I’m typing this, if necessary. I don’t have a spot for my HCM as of yet, it’s always been an afterthought. Perhaps on top of the systainers, if it’s deep enough. The big question is the jointer. If it fits, everything else falls in line. If it doesn’t…back to the drawing board I suppose. I came up with other ideas, but none quite so appealing. Here’s hoping.

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