Daring to Dream…Again

Back over two years ago, I was bored and came up with what I would consider to be dream shop scenarios. I didn’t think I’d come back and revisit a topic like this for a long time, even more than two plus years. But now, with the thought of a potential move on the horizon, it has creeped back in my head a little. Of course, not knowing where we are headed and what potential spaces are available…it’s almost impossible to have an outlook on this.

What I can do though, is have some sort of idea of a potential shop when we do start going on house tours. That would be useful. So in that vein I am taking a look back at those renders I made and seeing how my perspective has changed in nearly 30 months.

Again, the real starting point is a 16×24 space, what would be pretty close to a one car garage space. I think that’s pretty reasonable. We will be looking at housed with at least a 2-car garage, and one of those spots could become a permanent shop space, with the ability to expand. What I’d like even more though is a separate, dedicated space. If it’s a third stall in a garage or something separate, that’s fantastic.

The verdict? That exact space would be immensely doable. I would have so much freedom to move stuff around, change things around. I’d have room for multiples of machines, like two lathes and two bandsaws. Two MFTs (or one werkbank). Room for a full 52″ table saw. Room for 360° around my workbench, and a longer one at that. Room for an 8″ jointer.

This works in multiple layouts with that sort of space, even adding in false rooms for the compressor and dust extractor. I may look at a few alternates, including a few less feet in any one direction, but this gives me real hope for the first time in a long time. I can still make 12×12 work, but perhaps I won’t have to.

But what will I do with the 144 Workshop shirts?

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