De planes! De planes!

(I apologize for the white balance in the pics below. I need to get a good editing app for my phone, assuming I keep it.)

This got posted prematurely, so apologies for that as well. My #3 and #4 planes arrived Tuesday and I’ve only now had the chance to really take a look at them. Of course they were bathed in cosmoline, and required a thorough cleaning.

Pretty boxes.


The cleaning materials.


Disassembly. Stuff was in every crevice.


The family portrait. No background from Kmart today.



I’ve come to a few conclusions. First off, I really need to build my bench. This one isn’t suitable for planing, not at all. Barely suitable for assembly, and it’s best duty is being something that can take a pounding if need be. I may just decide to start that project early, as soon as the hottest part of summer breaks.

Secondly, I desperately need a sharpening solution. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with glass and sandpaper, but then it becomes a question of storage. I’ll be looking into that one pretty heavily. I’d use MDF, but in my weather I think it might swell.

Anyhow, with the vast majority of my plane wants already in hand, I think I’m getting close to doing some layout ideas for the hand tool cabinet.

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