Dearth Essayer

Sometimes I don’t find enough to write. Sometimes there’s nothing worth writing about. It’s been a bit of both these last three weeks, primarily getting my day job done along with some volunteer work, and work in the shop has consisted mostly of cleanup. I worked some on a basement door, getting the base done (more on that next time) and doing some major cleanup. The things I was using was making a big mess, and I had to keep hunting for what I was looking for. I took several days to put things where I wanted them, to the best of what the shop affords right now. I need to be able to find things, and then remember to put them back when I am done. It will be a major focus of what the shop is all about over the winter.

I’m working on a longer post, plus I finally took pictures of the jointer. Those I don’t have a timetable for posting, but they will be up as soon as I have time.

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