Desk jockey – part 1

It’s not that fun when you can’t get out to the shop. I was last out there maybe a week or so ago, right when a stretch of cold weather was on the way. I brought in the finish cabinet with most of the finish in it (I decided I needed to cut bait with the paints), the batteries and the fire extinguisher. Thanks to school and work, I haven’t yet been back out. That means no updates, no projects, not much of anything.

The thing I like best about this site is I get to write about what I like. Something I tend to do is daydream about what could be. I thought I would stop doing this, but perhaps keeping a dream alive keeps me on the path to it. I don’t know. I do know it somewhat keeps me sane when I can’t do anything else but sit at the computer. I daydream about things for my house, but primarily I daydream about a new shop, and all the goodies that could fit.

So, another couple posts about potential new shops. If this doesn’t interest you, it won’t hurt my feelings if you skip them. There are some days I don’t want to read them either. They’ll be titled the same, because I’m sure to have a post or two between entries.

Let’s face it: my shop is obscenely small. Ridiculously small. A shop this small should have been dedicated to hand tools only, frankly. And when I think of bigger shops, I joke about winning the lottery, but I know it will all be earned, and whatever happens will be perfect. Because I don’t win crap. I’ve won two things in my life, and going by the first two, I won’t be due to win the next $50 value prize until 2031.

A new shop is frankly a necessity. I will be thinking about it every single day until it happens. What I should probably do then is go through several different sizes and take it seriously this time. I could then go back and use this information to ultimately decide what my route will be depending on space, funds, and goals. My goals for the shop will probably change over time, but I could always update things as time goes along. The second post will be talking through the different options, and the third post will be the renders.

I really am hoping one day I can look back and compare what I ended up doing to what I thought I would do. I’m letting myself go really in-depth here and really specific, so the next entry might be a bit.

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