Desk Jockey – part 2

OK, so in reality I had been working on this for a couple weeks already in Sketchup, and have a few renders ready to go. This means I’m going to slightly change how I planned on presenting this. I’ll be going through several size iterations, and I’ll have the renders alongside. This means I’ll cover the current and slightly bigger sizes here, and truly grandiose next time.

Current – 12×12

2016 12x12

Not exactly current, but this represents probably about as well as I can do in a 12×12 (exterior dimensions) space. The planer/sander cart is right next to the miter saw now, and those upper cabinets don’t exist yet, just the upper portion of the chaos wall. Other than that, this is pretty much the shop if you were to sneak in there tonight. Also, for ease, all the router tables you see in here are the one I’m about to make. Like, real soon.

The Hush-Hush – 12×16

2016 12x16

So named because if I built this, I probably wouldn’t bother telling the county that it is a few feet over size in relation to the property lines. You need a much bigger setback once you hit 145 square feet.

I didn’t bring the walls up nor repaint the floor extension, but it should be pretty clear what is going on. This isn’t a massive boon of floor space, but it does help. I could add another column of systainers, have a bit more leeway with the planer/sander cart (if still a combo), and gain quite a bit of interior floor space, particularly between the MFT and router table, and table saw and door. It also brings into opportunity to put the lathe up against the front wall, leaving me room to wheel the router table and table saw up against the wall to use the planer or jointer. Forty-eight more square feet is all this adds, however it would make life much nicer. The possibility is there to even upgrade the table saw to a hybrid unit, perhaps even a 30″ 1.75HP Sawstop. There wouldn’t be too much room for sheet goods, unless I plan for a loft area (which I most assuredly would). A small loft area above the door could even support true dust collection, with a drop coming down at the table saw that would serve everything but the lathe and miter saw.

If I’m being truthfully honest, this is going to be my best bet at this property in both size and expense. I still wouldn’t have permanent power or a conditioned space, but I would be able to get more things done more safely. The only question I would have is lighting between the two loft areas, but I guess it’s a good problem to have.

That’s both of the options that are reasonably available to me at my current property and my current income. I keep ogling a shed at Lowe’s that is two stories, which would be super intriguing, but I very much doubt I could get away with the height. Two floors would be very interesting, particularly for the separate areas, under stair area, and etc. The only certainties with this property is that I refuse to go smaller (there’s no reason to), and if I’m going to build something, I’m going to gain something out of it – loft, porch (where the lathe could conceivably go), etc. The thing I need to add the most is better storage for sheet goods or a dust collector, and a loft could meet both needs.


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