Desk Jockey – part 3

Most likely this is where I have moved. I’ve explained the issues with my property before, but in a nutshell, the land is too hilly and too small for a big shop. The only thing that would ever make sense on the property is to build a single car garage toward one end of the property where my double gate is, but I’m not sure I could get approval.

The other thing these have in common is that major earth moving and a permanent foundation would be required. 12×16 is the largest building I would feel comfortable putting on skids or a non-permanent foundation. Anything above what I have now technically has to be footed anyway. One other assumption is that by making this big of an investment into a building that it would be wired for 110/220v, thus letting me run any level of power tool I would need. The buildings would then be able to be conditioned, which I can’t tell you how much I would love, almost as much as the bigger building itself.

The Single Car Garage – 12×20

This size fits a couple of scenarios: building a garage on my current property, or taking one half of a two car garage in a new place. This isn’t too much different than the 12×16 shed option, just gives a bit more room again in the middle. I would probably have room for a dedicated outfeed table here, and/or maybe a spot on the floor for dust collection. There could be some rearranging or spot made for some standing sheet good storage as well, although I would have some overhead storage for that in either scenario. If this was half of a two-bay garage, I may have the outfeed table be foldable, so that I could nose a car in for service or overnight storage of something short like a Jeep. (I had a render, but don’t know what happened to it)

This would by no means be my ultimate shop, but I could certainly do good things in it.

A 14×20 space is very similar, but those extra two feet on the shortest dimension open things up a bit more in arranging things. A dust collector can fit, potentially a bigger jointer and bandsaw, things like that. With a side door that you could orient long boards through, you can position some tools differently to take advantage of that as well. It would also be very advantageous for getting a car in, assuming this was a standalone building, particularly in my current space. Moving woodworking stuff for a car wouldn’t be a regular occasion, but sometimes you do have to change the oil give it a detail.

The Majestic – 16×28

The Daddy. Anything from here on is pure fantasy, the result of winning the lottery or something thirty years down the road. There’s no point in fleshing this one out with too much detail, because I bet our cars are flying by then – who knows if robots who build things for us will be affordable yet. But, here it is anyway:

shop expansion template

Plenty of room for pretty much anything, and room to add a couple of things here or there. I get to use a drum sander, and I bet I’d have room for a dedicated resaw bandsaw. An RAS also makes an appearance.

For now, my daydreaming is complete. My attention turns to other matters.

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