Dips and valleys

I should be used to disappointment by now. It comes with having a small workshop. Disappointment can be anything from layout to process. Today’s disappointment was the dust collection on my saw. It kept falling off the odd-sized metal discharge. It irritated me so much I canceled what I was going to do and went back inside.

It really is a time of irritation and depression. Things aren’t moving as quickly as I want. The shop hasn’t grown in size. My budget hasn’t grown by leaps and bounds. It’s just hard to stay positive right now. My activities today were limited to putting the saws back on the wall and some very minor cleanup. I was going to make the top for the sideboard, but no.

I go through phases of thinking this whole thing isn’t going to work out. That I will have to compromise one step too far. That my projects still won’t be what I need them to be when it comes to quality or accuracy.

I hope this is just a phase. I hope the solutions will come. I hope that I will somehow find the room. I hope that the ease that I was able to write previously will come back as well. I’m having a serious case of attention disorder trying to write about this stuff. It’s not very cohesive either.

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