Directions, please

How do I get to my shop again?

After a week of hardcore real-world work, it feels like I haven’t set foot in the shop in ages. In all actuality, I was last in on Tuesday afternoon installing the power switch on the router table. Wait…did I not mention that? So, on Tuesday, I stopped by Rockler and picked up a new router table switch. The old one, the broken paddle one, is now serving as my vac switch. I mounted it on the right side, and for now, just run the power cord around the front to the router. The switch is in a fantastic position, I must say. Works just like I remember and anticipated.

The next step for the router table is to determine what my dust collection is going to be. There is a port on the router itself that is an option. With how well the bit is enclosed in plastic, it could be quite effective. All I need is a 1.25″ diameter hose, which unfortunately I don’t have any longer. My Bosch hose for the Fezzies interferes with the height mechanism. If I could find a busted house vacuum, I might could pilfer the hose from it. If the hose works, then I don’t need a door on the router compartment, and I can hook it up to the side and use a port for the 2.5″ hose on the side. If not, then a door is needed and I’ll use the same port. Obviously, I need a port either way. Unfortunately, my initial plans for the dust port being on the infeed side will not work: the Incra fence I want to use has a port only on the outfeed side. Makes life a bit more difficult. Where I’m positioning the router table, having the port and the fence port on the infeed side would have been absolutely perfect. On the outfeed side it interferes with the drawers. Oh well.

As for the rest of the shop, confidence is high. I popped out Friday afternoon and felt pleased at my overall progress. While the shop is still sloppy, there is room to use all the tools. I’ve identified the next things I really want to improve upon. I can’t foresee a whole lot happening this weekend though, because I’ve been tasked with deconstructing another kitchen.

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