For the first time in a long time, I got some serious time out in the shop today. It took me awhile to even remember the last project I did, which was the deck gates. That’s been a minute. I had to introduce myself to my tools. I got out there not to do any projects, but to clean up.

I got in some sweeping and a bit of vacuuming, but it never gets clean enough for my liking. Just walking around gets sawdust all over my clothes, when I brush up against something. I cleaned up enough where I had enough room to try the reorg experiment.

I pulled the saw out enough to slip the drill press in the corner, then moved the lathe to the back of the saw, everything else toward the back and flipped the bench around.

This isn’t going to work.

I should have seen it earlier, but the drill press effectively becomes a hood ornament. I can’t really get to it in the way that it would be useful. Having the router table right there is the same way. It’s not an awful spot for the lathe, but taking out two tools doesn’t work.

I feel crappy, but I won’t let this workshop defeat me. I won’t give up on my hobby because I have a small crappy space. My skills might defeat me, but not the space. So…what to try next?

My first thought is to shorten up the extension/router table a bit and move the lathe against the wall where I put the drill press. When using the lathe I could put the saw up vertically. However that might preclude having the router there. That would mean moving the drill press back to the previous corner, which isn’t too big of a deal. I’d have the bandsaw next to the lathe; it’s only moved slightly. The router table…I’ve got an idea for that so I’m okay there.

The planer I think is still going to find a new home near the door, and I think I have a plan for the planer cart. I think I can take the wheels off and perhaps it will be short enough to slide perfectly under one end of the bench. Hopefully. Then I was just need a home for the sander…If I can get the jointer base to get up and over the drill press stand that would be great: a few more inches of space that I badly need.

There is a lot of ifs here, but I’m hopeful. There will be some construction and deconstruction and perhaps not all will be able to be done this year. I will probably need an all new router table, plus deconstruct the old one, the scrap bin and the sander cabinet. Lots more junk for the pile, which unfortunately is still inhabiting my yard. I’m about out of materials, and with plywood approaching $50 a sheet, next spring looks more likely to get everything how I want. I’ll do some measuring tomorrow to at least see if I can fit the planer cart under the bench. If I can, it might be game on for at least the moving around part.

Now that I’ve written all this, I feel loads better. I have a solid plan for the router table (which ill explain later), perhaps a plan for the lathe and a way to use it easily, a plan to keep my box and sanding storage, a spot for the planer…yeah. I left the shop today sad but I will return tomorrow with a plan and my head held high.

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