If there’s one thing I don’t tolerate, it’s that. I’ve seen enough of it lately to make a change.

All someone asks is to have their shop, their tools and their opinions respected. When one or more of those things are called into question, certain participation must come to an end. I’ve felt quite a bit of disrespect in the last couple of days from people I had respect for. I can’t abide by that.

I don’t really know what the future holds, as I’m pretty pissed off right now. Mad at people, mad at things. Just mad.

I’ve had points where I’ve wanted to destroy the shop. I’m there right now.

I have decided to discontinue my participation in forums. While I have had a bit of a difficult time lately with work and school, this is a longstanding issue that I’ve had. People don’t respect other people, particularly their tool choices. It is very true that I don’t play well with others – it is becoming painfully obvious that I have some sort of social disorder. I don’t forgive or forget transgressions easily. So the best thing is to remove myself from these interactions. There’s not a whole lot of questions that I have about situations specific to me, and there’s existing information available for everything else.

I didn’t create this site for anyone other than me, and it will continue at my pleasure, as long as it serves as a catharsis and an outlet for me to document what I do.

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