Down the drain

Something I have overlooked in my recent posts is what I had done to the table saw. My dust collection tubing had a couple of problems: the first problem was that it kept disconnecting and falling off. The second was that it wasn’t that effective at picking up dust from the back of the saw or at the blade. The problem is that the 2.5″ diameter tubing wasn’t pulling enough air to make any difference.

I decided several weeks ago that I would try to improve on the process. The 2.5″ diameter plastic tubing from Rockler mated up well with their fittings, but not so much with the back of the saw – I had to use a rubber plumbing connection. That kept falling off as well. I had used 2″ PVC pipe for my dust separator, and had good luck with it, particularly having the end of the vac hose be a friction fit. I thought that I could have similar outcome with the saw.

I went to Lowes and discovered a few different sizes of both PVC and ABS pipe. One inch diameter seemed a bit too small, but 1.5″ seemed perfect. I bought a couple of sections of 1.5″ ABS, which if you go looking is the black plastic. I bought a couple of long-sweep 90º elbows to get up above the table, a bushing to go from the pipe to the 2.25″ vac hose that hooks up with the Shark Guard. At the rear of the saw I used an adapter to go from 1.5″ to 2″, and then used a 2″/2″/1.5″ wye to mate up with the saw and provide a port for the other vac hose to fit in. The 1.5″ section of the wye is a perfect fit inside of the saw port, luckily. I also used a couple of J-hangers to keep everything relatively together.

Suction at the blade has improved, but not as much as I had hoped. Until I get a real dust collector, it’s probably as good as I can hope. The pictures of the setup are below, but I have not cemented everything together. Since I made this I moved the vac and separator to near the saw, so I may adjust the routing some. I haven’t decided yet. This setup only cost about $35 or so, and I’ll go this route again before I pay the inflated prices at the woodworking stores.







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