Downtime Dreamtime III

One of the remaining issues I have with my shop is the abundance of scrap wood. I have taken a huge step recently by just selecting any plywood that wasn’t perfect or too small and designating it for destruction. That made a difference, and there is still more to come.

I don’t currently have any way to stock up on wood supplies though. I can’t take the opportunity of a trip to the lumber yard to pick up an extra piece of ply or two. I don’t have the capacity to pick up some boards of whatever species they have on clearance. I can’t just pop into the shop, decide I want to do something, and pick up something to work with off the shelf. A dream shop should have that ability, right?

Storing plywood is pretty easy, it just takes up space. The trick there is to store it without it bending too much. If you can store it completely vertical, and ensure it stays that way, that’s the best option. Some sort of press to keep the ply tight up to each other if need be. I’m sure some amount of bend is okay, as long as they don’t warp.

Board storage seems to me like a more complicated task, at least from someone who hasn’t had to deal with it. There is wall storage, but there’s only so much wall real estate. I saw a most impressive workshop on WWT that had an absolute ton of boards stacked vertically. Come to think of it, that’s how they are done at the lumber yard. Enough floor space, and a high enough ceiling, and that’s the way I would go. Otherwise, I might have a separate building for it to stack and dry. Two dream shops?!?!?!

I’d have a small bin near the miter saw to contain small off cuts until I can figure out if I’m going to do anything with them. If I could absolutely swing it in the shop, I’d love a wood burning stove to burn anything I couldn’t use, real woods that is. That probably isn’t going to be an option unless I move out to the mountains, but I could (and might do soon for my real shop) build a fire pit that would be for family use and wood disposal. Have to do some research to see what’s not that great for burning.

Not a fantastically entertaining entry, but I did promise it. We’ll leave the next entry as a surprise.

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