Downtime Dreamtime I

Well, after the latest round of projects being mostly complete (which is about the goal for me, unfortunately), I’ve got some time to kill and some content to create. There’s only so much I can write about moving this one little thing a few feet over to this spot, and etc. So, what to write about when you are in a writing mood? There’s always the old standby of a dream shop, right?

I’ve done the dream shop talk before though. I even designed one, right before I was crushed back to reality. I thought that this time, I would illustrate some really good ideas that I find that I would integrate into a shop, if only I had the room. As such, this might be a post that is several months in the making, or could be a little series.

One of the things that I’d like, should I have the room, is a super long miter saw bench. I’ve always wanted that, I want it in this shop. A component of the long miter saw bench is storage above and below the work surface. My miter saws have been pretty dang accurate, so I don’t have a problem using them for final length cutting. Depending on the layout of said shop, the storage below would either be drawers for various things, Systainer storage, or a combination of both. I think above the saw shelf would be a combination of cabinets and board storage, depending on how long that particular wall was. The work surface would have the hollow chisel mortiser inset into the surface, with the fence being a common fence to the miter saw. Both operations could be done in the same space without too much trouble except for the thickest boards.

What would really set it off would be a radial arm saw in this setup. I’m clearly influenced by Norm Abrams’ shop (Morash’s, actually). I’d love to set a dado up in one and do crosscut dados.

I think if I was still faced with a space issue, I might eventually upgrade to the Kapex. If not, the only reason why I would part with my Hitachi would be the dust control issue. For me to spend $1500, I had better absolutely need it in some capacity. I love tools, but why spend it when you don’t need to? The Craftsman HCM would stay until it proved itself unworthy, and I have no idea what brand of RAS I would get.

Until next time.  Here are some good examples of what I’d like to have, each with their own positive attributes. Links, because I don’t want to be accused of stealing.

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