Drill press cart, pt 2

Some people like to break things when they are frustrated. I used to. Now I build. Or build then break it out of frustration. Whatever works.
After a couple of frustrating days, I finally got back into the shop for an hour last night and was able to give my attention to the drill press cart. I had made the basic structure over the weekend, and dry fit it to make sure everything fit. Yesterday’s task was to pre-drill the holes necessary for the screws along the major panels. Seeing as how I’m also planning for this to double as an outfeed table for the planer or table saw, I need it to be nice and secure. The screws and some glue will take care of that. But for now, just screws.
I could have gotten more done by doing the screws with just my cordless drill. But I haven’t had the opportunity to give my new drill press a good workout, so it got the call this time. I love this thing, I’m going to use it so much. Especially to hog out mortises.
It was a pretty straightforward process, but unfortunately you’ll just have to rely on words. I keep forgetting to take in-progress pics. Perhaps I’ll get better as I get the shop a little more squared away. It’s very tight in there right now. I started out my drilling from the insides of the panels out; doing it this way ensures I have the screws centered on the dado, and thus the perpendicular panel. Being ply, it would be disastrous to have a screw be too close to an edge and crack the ply. Once all the screw holes were done from the back, I changed to a countersink bit, flipped the pieces over and drilled out for the screw heads. Nothing very special about that process.
I then fit the back panel to the sides, and drilled the holes in the back panel with the cordless; doing it with the drill press would have been close to impossible without a table. That got screwed up, and then I fit the top and bottom pieces in the same manner. Here’s the cabinet as I was leaving the shop at about 9pm last night:
The next step is to purchase the casters for it and make sure I’ll be at exactly 36”, or perhaps a 1/8” below. It’s more important to be shorter than the source than taller as an outfeed table. Or, I may make it even shorter and design something to go on to of it. I’m really not sure at this point. But after the casters go on and I figure out what I want to do, then I’ll make the indentations for the drill press column, fit the ply for the base of the drill press, and get started on the drawer for the cabinet. I guess I should also drill the holes for the adjustable shelf before I glue it all up, too.
I’m also planning to work on the kitchen side project; perhaps if I use my time wisely I can have both done before I go back to work.

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