Drill Press stand

Have a few minutes, so I’ll expand a bit on my post from last night.

It’s a drill press stand. More appropriately, it’s a drill press cart. The press doesn’t sit on top, because it’s a floor model. The cart will fit around the column and be fitted with casters to move out of the way. I’ve designed it to also double as a mini table saw outfeed table as well. That is, if my calculations are correct.

I went from a plan online, and scaled the vertical pieces up 2″ to meet the requirement of the outfeed table. I made two mistakes here: the back piece was supposed to be 1/4″ hardboard, but I accidentally made a 3/4″ dado. No big deal, I’ll roll with it and make the back beefier. Unfortunately I didn’t think about that and forgot to make the back two inches higher as well, because it was marked as hardboard originally. No big deal, it’s not important. The gap will be hidden my the drawer, so I may fill it in or leave it. I won’t be making a new piece.

Everything there was dry fit, because I need to drill some holes for the adjustable shelf. Once that’s done, and I make the gap for the press column to fit in, it will be glued and screwed up. I have everything I need for it, minus grabbing some casters from Harbor Freight. No need for big $$$ casters for this project, because it’s not going to support the big weight. I’ll save my good casters for the router table.

Speaking of which, redoing that got put on hold. The DP cart took more wood than I thought, and the other sheet of ply may be ticketed for another project. We’ll see. I can still partially disassemble the router table and make the changes I need to make me happy, and not use much or any new wood at all. I think that’s what my plan will be. After today, I’m going to be cutting way back on what I spend for awhile. Only purchases for awhile will be materials, my tool cost is going down to zero, I think. I’ll have pretty much everything I need minus a bandsaw, and to get one that will resaw material well, it’s a big amount to lay out. As far as materials go, I do have a decent amount in stock for small projects and to make drawers and such. I might buy a bit of hardwood or MDF for drawers, but that’s it.

I might have a new post later with some goodie pictures.

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