Dusting off the miter saw

Intermixed with these phased improvements to the shop, I had hoped to improve the miter saw’s dust collection from somewhere around zero to something more than that. I had a small diameter hose hooked to the saw, but to nothing else. In the past I had attempted to hook up both the regular vac and the CT Midi. Because I have to manually do it, I almost never do it.

So for now, I bought a little shop vac that hangs on the wall and can be dedicated to just the miter saw. It was only $30, so not that big of an expense. The plug is right at the saw, so while I will probably eventually buy an automatic trigger outlet if I keep the vac, I can simply unplug when done.

It really wasn’t picking up a ton of debris from the saw, mostly because it doesn’t kick a lot up the chute. I tested out a piece of scrap paper to make a larger funnel and it worked reasonably well. I’m thinking about a longer rubber funnel piece or the Fastcap Saw Stache to at least cut down on where the dust goes. Pretty easy to unhook the vac and do a bit of cleanup daily as long as the dust isn’t getting thrown everywhere.

The vac could really be mounted anywhere around the saw, above it just works best for now. Really easy, just two screws (opted to use my own instead of the supplied ones) on the little base and the whole vac slips on. Have to see if I can continue modifying the saw and see how effective the whole setup is.

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