Early returns

Another Saturday has arrived, and hopefully that also brings shop time. I’d like to share early results of the slight layout modification, and look forward to what’s next.

There’s two major takeaways from this new layout. The first is, getting into the shop has improved tremendously. I had to previously do the crab walk to get between the table saw and router table. With the lathe nearer to the door, the path in is now really wide open. It’s a big improvement, but it does mean that the opposite corner is very crowded – the drill press, the band saw, the jointer and the separator. It’s a price I’m willing to pay for now.

The second takeaway is that the next project really has to be a new stand for the miter saw and new cart for the planer. Right now, the planer’s only spot is in front of the systainers, which is bad. It interferes with pretty much any operation I might take on. So, what I need to do next is to make a miter saw stand that is a bit higher and attached to the wall with a cleat. I’ll make a planer cart that is just a bit lower and fits under the miter saw. The sander will have to go somewhere else, however with how light it is it can go a number of places. One such would be under the MFT, at least on a temporary basis. I should be able to make the new stand with the plywood I have on hand. The new cart will need additional.

For now, the entire chaos wall project was moved over, and I will have to determine if I want to replace the top with standard wall cabinets. For right now there is no hurry. I still need to take down the old hardware cabinet, which now sits between the workbench and the MFT. I may take that on today, provided I can find a home for all the little things still in it. The smaller grinder, for example. That could stand to go up on the wall somewhere, perhaps.

For niceties, I need to add at least one power strip right at the workbench, or wherever the entertainment aspect is. The TV, the Zune, the laptop when I need it (old or new). There could be some consideration for battery charging for the two LED lights and the 4v driver. I just charge those wherever there is a free spot. The power situation still needs to be addressed at a couple of places. I want to put an outdoor outlet on the side of the house to provide a line that doesn’t have to go through the kitchen door. Two of those would be nice, but you can’t tap into a kitchen outlet, apparently.  At the shop, I need to get an outdoor cover (no outlet) so the lines can come through there instead of through that door. You know, that could be a good project for this afternoon.

So, I have to sort out what the actual power setup needs to be. The battery chargers, overhead lights run off the small white power strip, and that doesn’t necessarily need to change. It’s got a nice convenient power switch and also runs the heater. This strip can be run on the main line usually, but is switched over to the lesser-gauge line when the big tools come out to play. I usually keep the Ridgid vac on this strip as well. Now, the rest of the tools. The drill press, jointer, table saw, bandsaw, the CT Midi and router table need to be on one long strip, the one on the right front corner. That leaves the lathe, miter saw, planer to run off another. The only issue is that those tools are located on the left side of the shop. I don’t have a nice, neat way to make that happen. I’ll have to let that marinate.

The entertainment stuff can easily be handled by a cheap strip, or I can attempt to move the long strip over under the window. Not sure I really want to do that, but the threat of water entry has been greatly mitigated. Might be worth it. Reduces the chain effect.

I’ll give an update on all this later, including pictures of the new layout taken with the new/old digital.

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