End of the Detour

The shop is back in action, officially.

I finished up, for the most part, the task of redoing the electrical. Everything is pretty much how I want it now with some small wire management tasks ahead. I’ll try to summarize.

For the smaller gauge line, I unwound it from the reel and brought it over to the left side of the door above the rafters. There, it is split into three outlets – a short outlet strip that controls the lights and 6-port charger, a longer strip that controls other chargers and the tablet charger and phone, and a newly-bought extension cord for the air conditioner. This is a very good solution for now, and pretty much everything is out of the way. Just have to decide if I want the Ryobi and Bosch battery chargers to be on the longer strip on a timer, to charge more evenly and often.

On the larger gauge line I split it after a 2-foot extension, it runs the other large strip, another extension that goes above the rafters to the miter saw/drill press and an open spot that will be used for the table saw. Since I unplug the saw for blade changes, it is nice to not have to reach too far for that. What it will also do is provide an outlet to use outside – I’ll unplug the strip and MS extension, swing it under the door, and it’s good to go.

I did switch the two long strips, as one was 10 outlets and one was 12. The 10 worked better above the lathe, and it could now be mounted upside down under the cabinet, helping to keep dust from getting in. The lathe, bandsaw, router table, Festool CT are plugged in there, as well as the TV and Zune. The only real place to put them with adequate WiFi signal was near the window. Oh well, they don’t use much amperage at all and shouldn’t impact table saw use on tough rips.

Yes, it’s a ton of things plugged into a ton of outlets on a large length of extension cords. It’s what I have to deal with, and I’m smart enough to only run one big tool at a time, plus the vacuum on the smaller line. Should be fine for the next few years, and I’ll keep an eye on the cords wearing out or pulling too much power.

I did make some other small adjustments to things while I was doing it. The TV is now mounted high up above the window, and it does need an angle adjustment but the location works. I modified the shelf the Zune sits on to sit underneath. Since both are remote controlled exclusively, no issues there. I played around with the hand tool storage on the wall above the workbench, and think I’m in a better spot. The Woodpecker rules being on the other wall work better. I took both reel hooks off the right door and used them more efficiently – one is holding the 12ga Tri-Tap in a convenient spot for easy access behind the bandsaw, the other now holds the face shields above the lathe. Nice to get those off the hooks above the door.

There will be small adjustments still to come as I fine tune things. I’m not sure how many I’ll even post about, these are very minor things, even more minor than what they used to entail. Even with the 1/4″ and 1/2″ ply large cutoffs in the shop due to rain, there is still plenty of room to move about. I even had room and the desire to do a bit of cleanup on the LEGOrganization drawers, which I’ll post later on.

Getting back to normal feels real nice. That was a week-long detour that was crappy, but it worked out in the end. Now to order my new Steelers shirt…


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