European Replay – Day Eleven

The last day of our trip, travel day.

We awoke in the hotel adjacent to the terminal, walked over, and ate breakfast in the very large lounge area after we went through security. We picked up a few parting gifts, like a big bag of Cadbury Roundies, some teas, and etc. We boarded our Delta flight to JFK and we had left Europe.

We arrived at JFK and were a bit surprised to have to exit the airport completely to go to the other terminal. We went through security there, got some lunch at Wendy’s and waited for our flight to Orlando. Flying during the day is much nicer than flying at night when you are expected to sleep.

We got to Orlando and had to wait about three hours for our next flight, so we had dinner at the Outback there. It was okay, but it was probably better than that at the time because we needed it. We were really tired at this point and the last flight back to Atlanta was seriously uncomfortable.

Make it though, we did. Our trip was at an end. We thought we had made it through unscathed until we went to return our mascot to our son, and realized we had lost it on the very last day. We know it made it out of London, but it must have been left when we got off the plane at JFK. We unfortunately never saw it again, even after sending messages to Delta, TSA, and JFK lost and found. My wife was inconsolable, but thankfully our son understood and was happy to have us back at least.

It was an amazing trip, one that I will never forget. It may have been a day or two too long, but also the miserableness of Versailles may have played a part as well. I’m glad we didn’t try to do the Rome to London itinerary. We are already looking forward to our next trip, and we got our kids passports during this one year anniversary so they can come as well.

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