European Replay – Day Five

Today was truly a day for history as it started out at the British Museum. We hopped on the tube and emerged at Tottenham Court Road and walked our way to the museum. There was a long line to get in, however a nice security guard pointed to the rear entrance, and we were one of the few to take the chance. It was a great tip. We got in without delay and explored the museum for hours.

This is an absolutely massive place, filled with millions of items. There’s always a question of appropriateness of displaying items taken from conquered lands, so I won’t get into that here. The things we saw were amazing, from the Rosetta Stone to a full Roman building facade. There was so much that I saw I hardly remember any of it.

We had a nice lunch at the very modern middle of the museum which has a cafe and shops. We were plenty tired at this point, even from a mental aspect as much as physical. The long walking spells over the last few days were catching up to us. We left the museum after lunch, and explored a bit of the surrounding area before we went back to Kensington.

We got back on the tube and headed to Kensington Palace so that we could indulge in some high tea at the Palace Pavilion. This was a very nice, calm experience as well. We sat outside in the cool autumn air, had some nice black tea and some sandwiches and scones. I came to very much appreciate raspberry and creme on a scone, and consider it perhaps the best treat I had there. After all, I can get pretty much anything I want in terms of chocolate or crisps here now.

After tea we wandered a bit more, having been temporarily refreshed. We went south in front of the palace (which is smaller than you would expect) then east around the Round Pond. We meandered south and came across the Albert Memorial, which is simply stunning. I was able to catch a great picture in the sunset as we walked further east.

We went north on W Carriage driver over the Serpentine, then walked along it and exited Hyde Park at the Albert Gate, and along Knightsbridge again and picked up the same bus we picked up after Harrods the day before.

We wanted to hit up an actual supermarket while we were here, so we took the bus over to the Tesco Superstore near Earls Court. It was fun to see all the different things that wasn’t available to us, and it was particularly amusing to see the American section. We picked up a few more things, but not a ton considering we would be heading to Paris in a few days.

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