European Replay – Day Seven

Our last full day in London, unfortunately. This has already been the greatest trip of my life and we had one more day to soak it all in. 

Because we did not make the West Ham match yesterday, we took the tube to Stratford and hit up the team shop at the stadium. I bought a couple of t-shirts and got a reusable bag. I need to make another order soon for a couple of masks. It is a massive complex, and sits next to a large shopping mall called Westgate Stratford. Here we ate lunch and did a little looking around. 

That was pretty much our day. We made our way back to the flat and ate some leftover food we had from our various shopping trips. Then I went back to the pub for a couple more pints of London Lager. It was supremely cool to walk home buzzed and not have to worry about a DUI or an Uber or anything. We need more neighborhood bars here. 

Our bags are pretty much packed tonight to leave in the morning. 

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