European Replay – Day Ten

Our last full day in Europe, unfortunately. We made sure our things were packed up, but we were allowed to keep our suitcases in the apartment while we went to Atelier des Lumieres. This is basically an old warehouse/plant that shows digital imagery on the walls and floor. The images can move around in whole and in part – meaning that the entire image can pan, or parts of the images can be put in motion.

In 2019 this facility had a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit, with two additional sets of artwork exhibited. One was Japanese art, and I honestly don’t remember the other one. So in this exhibit you had the major artworks of Van Gogh digitized, set to music, and exhibited all around you. It was amazing to see this artwork come to life in this way, and I’d recommend this type of artwork exhibit to anyone.

We took the Metro to the nearest station, got some breakfast while we waited (pain au chocolat is brilliant), and took in the exhibit. After, we had a bit of time before we needed to pick up our stuff so we went back to Ile Saint-Louis and got a crepe and enjoyed it on Pont Saint-Louis and just took in the environment.

Our time in Paris had come to an end, so we grabbed our bags, took the Metro to Gare du Nord once again, and boarded the Eurostar for London. Our trip home would be the next morning, and everything I heard said you didn’t want to be taking the train back and trying to fly out on the same day unless it was a late flight.

We sped through the French countryside again exceeding 180mph, went under the English Channel and arrived in the late afternoon in London. We attempted to hit the Harry Potter store in Kings Cross, but the line was absolutely obscene – we thought it was for pictures, but it was the line to just get in the store. We debated hanging around in town to get some dinner, but decided to end our trip experience early, take the train to Heathrow, and eat dinner at the hotel.

We were decidedly exhausted at this point. We went to bed at a reasonable time, having watched our last bit of BBC/Dave for the trip.

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