European Replay – Day Three

We didn’t quite get the early start we wanted, but we were still out the door at a reasonable time. We hopped on the Circle Line at Kensington High Street and emerged at Tower Hill, across the road from the Tower of London.

We ended up buying a membership which also allowed us to visit other castles on our trip for not much more than the regular entrance fee. The grounds themselves were very nice, and we got a couple of nice tours from the Beefeaters. We of course got to see the Crown Jewels, and while they were nice, I wouldn’t say they were a star attraction for me. It was interesting to see all the table settings over the years and various other ornaments that royalty wore. It was also pretty cool to see a 11th and 12th century tower in the same field of vision as a 21st one.

We had a nice little lunch in their cafe and then it was time to start exploring the city. I wanted to walk across Tower Bridge, but we had to backtrack significantly to do so. As such, we walked along the north side of the river for awhile and saw some excellent sights as per the header pic.

We crossed over London Bridge and hit up Borough Market. What a fantastic experience that was, with all the local food and merchandise on offer. I had a Scotch Egg, which was delicious, and I think I also tried something else that escapes me at the moment. I will never in my life ever pass up a good Scotch Egg after that one. Just a flavor bomb.

After this early dinner experience we wandered along the south embankment and saw the Globe Theatre. Not the same one as Shakespeare’s, but still fairly ancient and cool to see.

We wrapped up our short day by walking across the Millenium Bridge (famous for being destroyed in a Harry Potter movie) and walking up to see the exterior of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

We headed home on the Central Line and had an early night, I think. The evenings kind of run together a bit, and I’m trying to piece together which nights we had dinner where. We’ll call this one complete.


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