European Replay – Overview

Over the next eleven days, I’m going to do a journal of our trip to Europe last year. This will be a day-by-day recap of the things we did and places we saw. It starts tomorrow, and I’m going to try and have the post published as close to noon each day as possible.

I had wanted to visit Europe for twenty years. It started with a movie I absolutely adored at that age, The Saint. I saw places that I just had to experience in person, even if the places and sequences were heavily edited. The dream never died. In fact, I actually dreamed about visiting many nights. Each morning when I woke up I had the fleeting idea that I had actually been there. This did nothing to make the feeling wane. On our fifteenth anniversary I started to put the plan into motion. A generous gift from my mother-in-law made the experience not be delayed (and thank goodness with the state of the world today).

The original plan was to do a compressed grand tour, going from Rome to Venice, Innsbruck to Munich, Paris to London. Then when that wouldn’t work, we thought about London, Paris, and Edinburgh. Eventually it just boiled down to London and Paris, and that was just fine.

One of the things that always held me back was the lack of a passport. I knocked that out about six months prior to the trip, and so did my wife. We’re planning on getting our kids passports this week so that they don’t have to wait nearly as long.

So, the story begins. All events from this point out are from one calendar year ago.

It is the night before our trip and I doubt I’ll get much sleep. This has been building for twenty two years, and while I won’t set foot in Europe tomorrow, we do start the process. The bags are packed, our passports are triple-checked. The only thing to do now is convince our kids they will be fine while we are gone, try and get some rest, and make sure we leave for the airport on time.

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