Exit Planet Dust – Now Boarding (Part IV)

Getting very, very close to being back to a fully functional shop again. Not quite ready to get this Christmas project done, but just a few more tweaks and a few more things put away and we’ll be ready to start making things again – lots of things.

I broke down the cardboard from the last couple of purchases, and kicked the old 2″ foam out the door, which freed up some real room. I got some more things put up, such as the battery chargers (where the saw blades were), the saw blades (on a door), the safety stuff (door again). In fact, I’ve moved quite a bit of little things around that I don’t remember what I’ve mentioned and what I haven’t. I’ll just have to take a vid or pictures and explain when I’m all done.

I did make a fairly major change today, probably the first in the ‘your best’ attempt to make the space work best. I was sitting down staring at my router table, trying to figure out how I was actually going to use it with the MFT. I decided that things would probably be best served if I put the lathe up against the window, so I did. The leg is still damaged, so I was careful when I moved it. I get a little bit of space between the lathe and MFT, but now can’t open the lower door of the bandsaw. I’ll take that trade-off. For now the router table is in the back corner, but I’m still trying to determine the best spot for the systainers. There may be an outside shot of putting a handful under the MFT, but not enough for it to turn into a MFTport.

Just a few more things to find a home and accomplish before I can get back to normal programming. One of those is picking up another power strip to plug the vac, lights and batteries into.


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