Exit Planet Dust – Part II

Another good two days in the shop, trying to get it set up for additional tasks. I played around with Sketchup and determined that I indeed could fit an MFT in the workshop, and set about getting to that point. The workbench moved corners, as did all of the hand tools. I’m on the verge of having them arranged like I always wanted, so that’s a huge plus.

I moved all the parallel clamps to the front corner, which was sorely needed. I might yet move them back towards the back if I find I’m towards the rear when clamping. Lately I had been outside or at the front, falling over things to get to them. Other clamps got put on the door – haven’t fallen off yet, so there is that. I had to move all of the battery chargers, and haven’t quite figured out where they will go.

The miter saw, router table, planer and bandsaw all have done a couple of dances, trying to figure out just the right spot. Right now I have the drill press in the handle spot of the table saw, and the bandsaw next to it. Router table next to it, and the new MFT/3 in front of the last two, outfeed of the table saw. The two vacs and the separator are sitting under the MFT.

There is still a lot of little things to figure out at this point, but I’m very excited. I have the hose from the MIDI suspended from a joist, and it might just work as well. The whole thing isn’t what I originally intended, but I think I’ll be pretty happy. Once I have the place a bit more cleaned up and put away I’ll take some pics and give some impressions on the MFT. My Christmas project is probably going to benefit very much from having this around.

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