Exit Planet Dust – Part III

I didn’t expect this to be a multi-part entry, but such things happen.

With the shop rounding into form with the latest remake, I had to start looking at first where power would be supplied, then tackling the dust routing. I have to look it from a load standpoint:

Higher load:

  • Table saw
  • Bandsaw
  • Router table
  • CT MIDI (with tools attached)
  • Jointer
  • Planer
  • Miter saw

Lower load:

  • Ridgid vac
  • Lights
  • Battery chargers

I’ve left some stuff off. The drill press and lathe are lower amperage tools, but it doesn’t matter because I won’t need to use them with dust collection. I just need to find a convenient plug. The lights aren’t too big of a concern, but I’d rather just have the vac on with it. Looking at it in this respect, the Ridgid would be used with the TS, BS, router table and jointer. The planer has a blower and doesn’t need extraction.

Going this route, I can continue to have the hand-held routers hooked into the bigger draw outlet, use the separator and the bigger hose. All the other tools should run off of the MIDI.

Taking all this into consideration, I ended up moving the main power strip right back to where it was. The table saw, drill press, bandsaw and MIDI are all hooked up here. Unfortunately the miter saw, planer and jointer cords won’t work on that strip. I’ll have to have another main strip on the other wall. It will also give an access point for if the router takes the main stage and needs a convenient hookup. That will also be the hookup for any one-time use tool.

That just leaves two things to be resolved: the lights, and the Ridgid. Easiest thing to do would be to leave them on the secondary main strip. No work to do at all. Have to see if they dim when something like the planer is on. If they don’t, how many more could I add until it does? Interesting question. I’d ideally like about two more lights, so I could have two at the front, two towards the rear. They all are rated so I could have up to 15 in series. If my joists ran front to back that would be great. If it doesn’t work like that, I will figure something out to run it off the vac strip.

Speaking of the vac, the cord makes it obvious I need to have it on the right side of the shop. If that’s the only real thing I’m plugging in besides battery chargers, a full strip just for that isn’t needed. Just a fairly standard home strip.

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