What you see above is it. The end. No do-overs, no whoopsies, no take-backs. I’m done trying to design the perfect bench, this will have to work.

I’ll go through the design from left to right. The left box is sized to hold hardware bins, possibly up to 10. Next to that is a cubby for the standalone router table to slide in for storage. In the middle is a lowered platform that is sized to fit a Dewalt 735, but will also fit my Ryobi. The Ridgid sander should fit under just fine, with perhaps the socket set just under the planer.

Next to that is a single box for drawers. I had intended for a lot more storage, but when it came down to it, this was the best solution. There will be some storage in the next box under the miter saw, but I’m going to use this area for modular storage. I’ll expound on that as the build gets closer and some photographic cues can accompany. The far right space is for four sawhorses. The boxes above the miter saw are not final, just an indication of tool storage to be further fleshed out.

It’s too late and I’m too tired to flesh out more details, such as the lack of a miter saw fence. But I’m excited to start and that could come very, very shortly.

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