Finishing up the miter saw station

Well, almost.

I had to make a stop on the way home to pick up some shop casters (thinking about making the router table mobile), so I decided to also grab something that is going to be very helpful. It’s a set of right and left reading, self-stick measuring tape. It’s hard to describe, so a pic is going to take care of that.

Got in the shop late, and checked where I was: last time, I flush trimmed the box us pretty nice and glued on a strip of ash on the left side. Tonight, I flush trimmed that ash piece and made an absolute mess of the floor. I forgot how much shavings ash makes. Job done. I also corrected a minor issue of the fences not aligning up perfectly with the saw. A little bit of expansion in two mounting holes solved that problem as well.

I then carefully measured on each fence with the stop block from the blade. From the very edge of the carbide, to be precise. And indeed, that’s more precise. I peeled the backing off of the tape, and now I have an accurate reading from the blade on each side, so I don’t need to get out my tape measure for most cuts. I think the limit on either fence is 25-30″ (I don’t exactly remember), but setting up the stop block on the right side technically increases the cut capacity. If I need to make a 4′ cut on a 6′ board, I just measure out 2′ on the right side. Now, I may have made a minor mistake by not factoring in the kerf of the blade (thickness of cut), but if I write it on the fence I should be okay. It’s under 1/8″ as it is, so not a huge deal.

After I did all that, I glued on the last remaining piece, the ash strip on the right side. I’ll let that dry overnight and trim it up tomorrow. With that, it will be completely done minus any protection I want to give it. Could it be, the first completed project in the workshop? Maybe I’ll promise to add some slick tape or paste wax at some point to keep it incomplete. Actually accomplishing something would be weird.

Sorry, but no pics tonight. It was nearly 9pm when I got out of there and my lighting situation isn’t the best. I’ll get some taken tomorrow, though.

Time in the shop today: ~75 minutes

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