First drive-by of 2015

Quick visits out to the shop are what I like to call ‘drive-bys.’ In the shop, spend about 10-15 minutes doing something, perhaps even a half hour, and out. No defined projects, no real aim except to spend a few minutes out in the shop for a quick hit or cheer up.

The weather here for the last week or so has been pretty brutal. Rain, and just warm enough to not snow and give us something to enjoy. That is probably my least favorite part of winter – not the cold, but the cold rain. You don’t get more than about five days for things to dry out, and that’s not usually enough time with the lack of sunlight and shorter days. Yesterday was a pure rain day, and only worth a few minutes in the shop.

I picked up yet another overhead light to install, and a set of shears. I lost my last set of scissors to the carpet tape monster, and had been using one of the old HF chisels to cut open packages. At $5, I got two lockable shears that I can be a bit safer using. The light was the usual $20. The shears did a fine job cutting open the plastic, and will be very handy from here on out.

As it stands now, I’m up to five overhead lights, and the shop is pretty bright. I think I will ultimately max out at around eight or nine. Why so many? Since I have quite a few things on the walls, I can get quite a few shadow areas in places. I could certainly get by with the five I have now, but a couple more and a bit wider spacing toward the walls would be nice. I can string up to ten off of one plug.

Other than putting a couple of things away, that about did it for shop time yesterday. I took my new Woodpeckers tools out of their boxes and hung them on the wall. I’m a bit concerned that my straight edge isn’t quite straight – neither on the narrow bit nor along the wider back. I don’t know what their guarantee is for the back, and I can’t tell by sight if the narrow part is truly off, or what I have to judge it against is off instead. By sight, it looks ok. However I’m talking about being very slightly off, if at all. The back, you can actually see the slight curvature.

I think as much as I’d like to get a new Veritas saw with my Amazon money (long story) I may go ahead and get another waterstone or a storage solution. The DT saw will come, in time.

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