Football season

It’s September already. Man. How this summer has both flown by and been an excruciating exercise. My school schedule has loosened up by the slimmest amount, which means hopefully there will be some more shop time at least on the weekends coming up. Work undergoes a major change in October, which means I won’t be home at all really for the first week at least. That’s a bummer. Both pains are only temporary.

I upgraded to Windows 10 last month, and some of my files got moved around. I spent yesterday making sure all my Sketchup files were in one spot so I could easily reference them. I did what I said I wouldn’t do and started rendering the first new cabinet. I’m not exactly sure why, except for that I want to give the shop layout one more go, so a visual representation might help. It might even inspire me to get started on it earlier. The router table render could be done, if I want to be lazy. It’s four squares in a square, at it’s most basic. I do, however, want to work out a bit more of the drawer sizes, to make sure everything I want to fit will fit. I’ve changed my mind a few times. It’s becoming a bit like my long-delayed tool cabinet, trying to get everything to fit perfectly.

Another impetus to get the shop in an even better state is that I’m moving a couple pieces of tech out there. My old Zune 30 is wasting away on my desk, and it would be a perfect addition to the shop. It can hook up to the radio, and I think the TV. A nice solution to have some of my tunes in the shop again without relying strictly on OTA broadcasts or streaming via internet or intranet. I’ll have to look into plugging the 3.5mm headphone jack, though. Otherwise, it should be good. Also has a remote and a charging dock. I’ll post some pictures up perhaps tomorrow.

The other thing that moves into the shop tomorrow is a camera. I have an older Nikon camera that was given to me, that I don’t have a good use for otherwise. It’s too good of a camera just to let languish though. I think it’s a Coolpix from about a decade ago, I’ll post that up as well. It will eventually live in a cabinet, and I’ll get a small tripod to live out there as well. It won’t allow me to take videos (that I know of), but I will get some higher quality pictures and I am planning on doing an in-depth shop tour, perhaps as early as tomorrow. Might as well document the mess and spider webs thoroughly.

I’m still rocking the 15.6″ TV on the wall, with the Amazon Fire Stick hooked up to it, along with the 2005-era Toshiba Satellite convertible laptop, now with Xubuntu. I’ve been getting my woodworking DVDs ripped to my main computer, and getting my digital files organized for internal streaming. My internet usage has been out of control lately, and the less I can stream in the shop, the better. My kids love Minecraft videos on Youtube, unfortunately. The laptop is hanging in there, and I’d love to replace with a super cheap tablet. Like $30 or so.

I’ve found recently with my lack of time that being in forums and chats really take away my time and my train of thought for writing and getting some shop thoughts done. So, in that regard, I think I may really stop doing that for awhile. I have too many thoughts and too many needs to devote my time to wasting time. I’ve pretty much quit my posting on all forums, for those reasons and more. I’m not dead, I just have better things to do. Like play Destiny.

That’s what I have for now, but it doesn’t mean I won’t have something again real soon. Sometimes when I get going, I really get going. I have a whole summer to catch up on.

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