Four grand

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To celebrate, a small update ahead of schedule. The Jet parallel clamps I ordered came in early, and I swung by Rockler to purchase a new rack just for them. Got that installed on Friday, and boy do they look nice. Haven’t had an opportunity to use them yet, but I will.

Also on Friday I was able to get further along on the left side cabinet install. Got the cabinet proper braced at the top and the counter top installed along with the outrigger vertical. Will have to do some sort of bracing to this area, but that will have to wait until I redo the router table. It’s hard to see, but it just barely fit. It’s very nice finally having a solid surface over in this corner. Now this can be the ‘set stuff down’ surface instead of the workbench or the miter cabinet.

Not a lot to speak of otherwise, just did a touch of cleaning with the vac as it’s probably going to be a quiet period for awhile. Spent time and money recently taking care of some yard work, and there’s yet more needed. I can see a scenario where the two will mesh soon though, as the first replacement door to my crawlspace is already falling apart and wasn’t that well done to begin with. I’m talking crappy. My approach and execution were horrible. I tried to do it as fast as possible and didn’t prepare or plan properly.

This will give me a some practice for the shop doors as the construction will resemble them in part. I was going to use T111 siding as the field, and dimensional lumber as the frame. Construction will be completely different than the first door, which was simply 2x4s made into a frame and cheap plywood connected to it via screws. The frame has already separated from the plywood, and it’s not sized correctly for the entrance anyway. I tried to do it very cheaply and I’m ending up having to do it again. I wish I didn’t have to spend the money to buy a full sheet of T111 for this small door, one that I won’t be able to then use for the shop door project. It’s going to be wasteful, as I have nothing else that I can think of to use it on. 5’x3′ (approximately) is a bad size to have to make something for. If they sold the T111 like baltic birch (5’x5′), I could be cool with that. Once I’m satisfied with how the door turned out, I’ll hit it with primer and paint to either match or contrast with the house.

I do have two potential projects that would be financed externally, but will have to see if time, resources and sense dictate whether I do them or not. I think one, a picnic table, will have to be turned down because it’s simply cheaper just to buy one right now. The other, bookcase doors, will be a nice challenge as will trying to duplicate chair rail.

A couple of quick pictures to show the progress.

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