Friday Follies

A few odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else:

Picked up a quart of GF Java Gel Stain and a quart of Arm-R-Seal Satin to get the sideboard all finished (!) up. I still need to unload everything from the inside and start sanding there, plus hit the exterior not called the top with 220 so it is all ready. I’m really hoping I can put the stain on tonight, or at least start. I had to make a two hour trip to pick some up. I have many woodworking stores in the area, but it takes forever to travel through the Atlanta suburbs. It’s only about 18 miles to Woodcraft, but it’s at least a 40 minute drive.

The replacement leveler for the Kreg router plate arrived Thursday, and I was able to install it. There are three sleeves that capture two leveling screws and the top install screw. The brass (?) sleeves look like they are just press-fit, and it got pushed out. To get the level screw out, I had to press fit it back in the leveler. So, in short, I probably could have fixed it myself. Oh well, kudos to Kreg for sending one to me no questions asked and as quickly as possible.

I also fixed the Incra positioner. It wasn’t broken, but somehow it was installed a bit diagonally to the table. Loosened the bolts, set it right, and snugged back up. Then made sure the fence was centered on the router. That’s better.

I do think it is ridiculous that I have to purchase in quantities of 100 for sandpaper from Festool, depending on which grit I need. 100 sheets of Granat 320 for the ETS 150 are going to last me forever, much less 100 of them for the DTS. They are more likely to have the hook and loop break down before then. Not to mention, no one seems to stock it for next-day or two day delivery. I have to do the equivalent of a special order. I’ll probably hit up Tool Home or Bob Marino for a pack, plus the insert for the LR32 system – the box is nice, but clumsy.

Speaking of inserts and sandpaper, I should really start considering what I’m going to do with all the Festool paper I have. I have a box of 50 P120, 10 P180, 50 P220 and 100 P320 for the ETS. So far only 10-packs of the DTS grits. The ETS boxes are nice and convienent, but I wonder if I should do something else. Carrying them into the house for this sanding project was awkward. I know I don’t want to keep them vertical, as I’ve seen them flop over like Cristiano Ronaldo. But, I don’t know yet of another solution. Systainers are obviously the best for transporting, but perhaps I don’t need to go that – particularly with there being enough room in the sander systainers to stow a few sheets of each grit.

I need to come up with or purchase a parallel guide system for the track saw. Woodpecker has come out with a OneTimeTool for it, but I don’t like the OTT system. Plus, it’s fairly pricey. I’m sure I can come up with a shop-built solution if really pressed for cash. The rail connectors or the LR32 stops would probably work, need something that will fit the top T-track on the rail and allow for a secure connection to plywood, or similar. A couple of flag stops from Ekat, some T-track with a measurement system (like the Incra T-track plus), and you’re pretty much set to go. In fact, I should have picked up an Incra track or two from Woodcraft while I was there. Darn.

I’ve come to the realization that using my cell phone for camera pictures is a disservice. I don’t want to grab for the phone often enough, and it doesn’t take great pictures. I think I’m going to start leaving an older digital camera out in the shop for pictures. It’s nothing recent, but should give me much better pictures, particularly in low light. Plus, I will probably grab for it much more often. I’ll charge it up tonight and see how it does. For the rest of the sideboard project though, I’ll probably use my D5100 – inside the house, much less chance of it getting messed up, and takes better photos. For those glamour shots, the DSLR is going to start being the norm.

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