Friday outlook

It’s been too long since I last worked on my workbench, however I’m not sure if I’ll get to it today. I have a mess to clean up from the crawlspace door impromptu project from Tuesday, plus I need to caulk and prime the door so that it doesn’t warp in the wind. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to process the next two sections for the top, and have only one left.

I’ve been working on a possible new layout for the shop, outside of the workbench and saw. I’ve opened my mind to possibilities that might be open to me if I consolidate some stuff, so I’m looking to see what my options are. You’ll see what I’m referring to whenever I can get that post up. I’m tending to ramble halfway through the post, so I’ve started it over a couple of times. It’s also hard to write while concurrently designing. The designing should probably come first.

I purchased a new set of filters for my respirator the other day, with the intent I would use them to help make a small safety cabinet. Should be a simple project using mostly scrap, it’s just a matter of finding the dimensions I need.

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