Friday rambling

I had the rare occasion to stop by Rockler after work yesterday and browsed the store for quite a while looking for some good deals. Unfortunately, there wasn’t many to be had right now. They are still on their ad they had when I visited them last, so nothing new in the terms of deals.

I did find one thing on sale that I really wanted though, and that was a strip of self-adhesive measuring tape. By making the extension table for my saw, I effectively made the preexisting measuring system obsolete. I had to move the main rail over, and the scale moved with the rail. Since it’s permanently attached, and I didn’t want to mess it up, I just left it. Now hopefully I can use this as a replacement. I know that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I’ll get some pictures this weekend and it will.

I also picked up a couple of replacement starter pins for my router table, as I couldn’t find mine when routing the picture frames, and ended up using a screw. These are better (smooth surface). I ended up leaving Rockler having spent less than $10. That’s impressive.

It’s rare that I get really excited about getting a woodworking magazine in the mail. I subscribe to Wood and Woodcraft via mail, and American Woodworker and Family Handyman via electronic, and I look forward to when I get them, but rarely does an issue really stand out to me. However with the latest Woodcraft, I finally had a reason to want to go out to the shop immediately and build something. They have an article about making a pizza peel and cutter, and I would be doing it next if I had the materials available.

I have other tasks to do this weekend, so if I get out to the shop it will be a limited exercise. I do hope to have a few things to post over the next few days though.

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